Wuxi Expat Claims that Denmark was the First Country to Put a Man on the Moon

Niels Bohr, a Wuxi Expat of prominence and an occasional bassoonist for the popular WCE Trio musical group, tells the WCE Blog that his home country Denmark put a man on the Moon in 1957, twelve years earlier than the Americans did.

"The first man to step on the Moon was Niels Armstrongsten. He was so famous in Denmark for his feat that my parents named me after him when I was born!" said Bohr as he prepared to mount his shetland pony and ride around the neighborhood of his palatial estate in the Meicun District.

Asked why it was that no one had heard about the Danish landing on the Moon, Bohr blamed the obscurity of the event on the lack of media coverage at the time. "The Moon landing was of course covered in the Danish newspapers and our one Danish radio station. But there was no t.v. and no one outside of Denmark could understand what was going on because the Danish media, at the time, had no English reporters!"

Other Wuxi Expats, when asked about Bohr’s claims, had a good chuckle. "Good old Niels likes to exaggerate sometimes, but I will forgive him for that ’cause he got’s the accent of the Swedish Cook on the Muppets!" said Hank Barnacle, the owner of Barnacle’s Steak and Grill in Meicun. "He has also got this strange idea that Hans Island is not Canadian! Go figure! But that’s good old Niels for you!"


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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1 Response to Wuxi Expat Claims that Denmark was the First Country to Put a Man on the Moon

  1. D says:

    Ha this is complete bullshit as no country has ever put a man on the moon.

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