1.3 Trillion Dollar Movie is a Labour of Love for Wuxi Expat

Wuxi Expat Double Saint Archduke Harry Moore Emeritus says that post-production work has been finished on his major film Machismo Unleashed.

Archduke Moore has co-directed Machismo Unleashed, with Clint Eastwood. He also co-stars in the movie with the ghosts of Steve McQueen and Bruce Lee.

Machismo Unleashed, which has a budget of 1.3 trillion USD, making it the most expensive motion picture ever made, is a labour of love for Moore. “Let me tell you. My wife Miss Moneypenny and I really had to skimp and work hard to raise the money to produce the film. We even had resort to doing things like taking public transportation and becoming professional naturists. I also had to deliver film lectures in all 175 countries of the world before paying crowds as big as five million to make this project happen.”

Archduke Moore said Machismo Unleashed cost so much to make because he and his co-director Clint Eastwood eschewed any CGI graphics. “The scenes like where we destroy multiple aircraft carriers, deploy a million woman Swedish Bikini Army and reenact the great Lisbon earthquakes and the great Tangshan Earthquakes of 1755 and 1976 respectively, are 100 percent WYSIWYG.” said Moore.

Asked to describe what his film was about, Moore spent some time considering the question before finally saying the following: “I think that this buddy, on the road, epic ,philosophical , adventure suspense, musical is going to add hundreds of new words to the lexicon of movie makers. How to describe a movie that is funny, dramatic, medieval, modern, pre-historical, post-impressionist, set in every epoch of human history, sensual, erotic, toe-tapping, full of manly virility, full of womanly femininity, reactionary, biblical, and completely in keeping with the teaching magisterium of the Catholic Church? I think I am giving writers the world over some chances to coin some new words. Basically, everything that has ever concerned me about human existence and God and what we must do to save our souls in this world or in the next are in this movie. This film is the labour of my life. It is a labour of love only second to my performing my duties to my wonderful wife Miss Moneypenny!”

Machismo Unleashed is scheduled for worldwide release in May 2015.

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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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