Apple Blossoms beat the Pistachio Cherries 1-0 in Opening Match of the 2012 Wuxi Expat Eight-Aside Football League Season

The Apple Blossoms beat the Pistachio Cherries 1-0 in an eight-aside football match held at the Wuxi Worker’s Stadium in the Hui Shan District on Tuesday.

A crowd of 150,000 watched the mid-week match which opened the 2012-13 Wuxi Expat E-Aside Football League (WEEAFL) season.

The crowd, clearly cheering for the Apple Blossoms, screamed loudly and lustily after Blossoms’ Mid-Fielder Julius Crispy headed a perfectly delivered corner, from striker Chad "Choo Choo" Smith-Johnson, that was able to barely the elude the grasping and perfectly-manicured hands of a diving Pistachio Cherries Goalkeeper Kenny "Kisses" Dryden.

"It was a super-duperly placed header by Crispy!" said Dryden. "All my Pistachio Cherries teammates were just so jealous of Crispy who besides making a superb header was able to keep his hair in place when he scored the goal!"

After the match, the team shook hands, patted each other, and hugged in a spirit of fraternal sportsmanship. An invitation from the Apple Blossoms to shower in the Blossom’s well-appointed shower facilities was readily accepted by the Pistachio Cherries team.

There are twelve teams taking part in the WEEAFL for the 2012-13 season Besides, the Apple Blossoms and the Pistachio Cherries, the following teams will compete for the coveted WEEAFL Championship: The Queens, The Hairdressers, the Dainty Dancers, the Buttercups, the Lollipops, the Pink Peaches, the Yellow Lemons, the Strawberries, and the Tulips. The teams will play a 22 game league schedule during which there will be many other competitions like the Super Duper Cup competition and the Loreal Sassoon Football Knock-Out test. Commentators the world predict the Lollipops with their star mid-fielder Francis "Foo-Foo" Beckensdale will take most of the competition trophies, all tied with pink ribbons, to their clubhouse tea-room and place them on doilies with flowery patterns.


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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