Movement Afoot to Make Wuxi Expat Archduke’s Last Name an Important Word in the English Language.

A group of prominent Wuxi Expats has formed a group to make Archduke Sir Harry Moore’s last name “Moore” a word of great importance in the English language: the Wuxi China Expatdom We Need to Make Moore an New Word in English Society (WCEWNMMNWES).

Leader of the the WCEWNMMNWES, Doctor Samuel Johnson, tells the WCE Blog that the movement is not without its precedents. “Every other Wuxi China Expatdom Archduke’s last name has resulted in the coining of a new word for the English language. Thanks to the late great Archduke Sir William Wonderful, English has the word “wonderful!” And don’t forget the other great Wuxi Expat Archdukes: Sir Harold Honesty, Sir Johnathan Joyous, Sir Victor Virile, Sir Gregory Good, Sir Paul Passion, Sir Lawrence Love, Sir Andrew Sensible, Sir Robert Splendid, Sir Thomas Clever, Sir Andis Wise, Sir Ichabod Chocolate, Lord Liberty, the Duke of Jim Dandy, Sir Toby Strong, David Delicious, Sir Francis Sexy, and Sir Wallace Gentleman. All their last names have added to the beauty of the English language and to the happiness of a many a life. Before the arrival of the Wuxi Expat, humanity had not experienced Love, Honesty, Joyousness, Goodness, Virility, Wisdom, Jim Dandiness, and Chocolate!”

Other member of the WCEWNMMNWES are Mr. Dunning, (soon to be Lord Ashburton,) Mr. Samuel Dyer, Mr. Garrick, Dr. Shipley Bishop of St. Asaph, Mr. Vesey, Mr. Thomas Warton and Dr. Adam Smith, Mr. Burke, Mr. Langton, Lord Charlemont, Sir Robert Chambers, Dennis Gorman, Dr. Percy Bishop of Dromore, Dr. Barnard Bishop of Killaloc, Zach Landon, Dr. Marlay Bishop of Clonfert, Mr. Fox, Dr. George Fordyce, Sir William Scott, Fred Boily, Sir Joseph Banks, Stewart Dingle, Andy Drummond, Sir Charles Bunbury, Mr. Windham of Norfolk, Mr. Sheridan, Mr. Gibbon, Sir William Jones, Mr. Colman, Tom Butler, Mr. Stevens, Dr. Burney, Dr. Joseph Warton, Mr. Malone, Lord Ossory, Lord Spencer, Lord Lucan, Raquel Welch, Lord Palmerston, Pamela Anderson, Lord Eliot, Lord Macartney, Mr. Richard Burke junior, Sir William Hamilton, Dr. Warren, Mr. Courtenay, Dr. Hinchcliffe Bishop of Peterborough, the Duke of Leeds, Dr. Douglas Bishop of Salisbury, Terry Picket, Leo A, and Andis Kaulins, the English Teacher.

Asked what the word “Moore” would mean, Doctor Johnson told the WCE blog that one first has to see what new phenomenon the word “Moore” would be used to named. “Archduke Harry Moore, has god-given talents, god-given good looks, and god-given human decency never before seen in a single human being on this God’s green earth. If you say the man almost is Moore, for instance, you will be saying that is he intelligent and good-looking and passionate and compassionate and virile and articulate and well-dressed and chaste and experienced and charismatic and wonderful and handsome and has golden locks of dark hair and…. phew! It will be so much easier to say Moore! Of course, I expect that once the word Moore enters the general circulation, it will have many other uses. For instance, when a woman may say to a man I want Moore! so the man knows he has to be on his behaviour and that if he dare take this woman to bed, he must do so legally and full of virility. And when we look at a woman like Pamela Anderson or Ursula Andress, we way well describe her as being Moore which will mean that woman like this are beyond the reach of all mortal men but one: Archduke Sir Harry Moore!”

The WCEWNMMNWES’s mission has received the blessing of His Majesty, the King of the Wuxi China Expatdom Gorzo the Mighty and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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