Wuxi Expats Eagerly Await 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year Announcement


From Bosnia-Herzegovina to Shanghai, Wuxi Expats and Wuxi Expat Colonials are eagerly waiting to find out who is going to be the 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year.

“Seeing how Wuxi Expat Rabbis win all the major sporting competitions in the world, it is nice to see a competition, involving Wuxi Expats, in which there is some mystery as to who is going to win!” said Rud Paulkin, a Shanghai China Colonial living in the Pudong District.

Who is going to win? The six nominees for the 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year award are Wuxi Expat Pub Owner Wally Droop, five year Wuxi Expat Bam Bam Cowlinch, Bam Bam’s father blogger Andrew Cowlinch, Wuxi China Expatdom firefighting superstar Marcu Linius Crassus, the crew of Zhanshen Six, and Archduke Sir Harry Moore. The favorite, according to Las Vegas odds-makers, is Moore. Famed Vegas odds-maker Jimmy the Albanian says Moore has a 45 percent of winning, and the crew of Zhanshen Six is the second favorite having a 30 percent chance

The Wuxi China Expatdom Royal Archduke Sir Harry Moore Appreciation Society (WCERASHMAS) is so confident of Moore’s victory that they have decided to spend one trillion USD on celebration arrangements which will include special platinum medals and silver-lined t-shirts to commemorate Moore’s predicted victory.

The backers of most of the other nominees say the Moore’s supporters are maybe being overconfident. “The door doesn’t close till someone locks it!” said Duston Short, the president of the Wuxi China Expatdom Wally Droop Fan Club (WCEWDFC) when asked about the confidence of Moore supporters. “I think maybe Moore’s fans are missing the battle for the bullets!” said Zhanshen Six Fan Buzz Aldrin. “I think da fans of da Archduke are missing da myths and not seeing da lies” said Nicolas Sarkozy who tells the WCE Blog that he is an admirer of Marcu Linius Crassus. “We WCEBBCGers haven’t lost sight of our dreams!” said the president of the Wuxi China Expat Bam Bam Cowlinch Group (WCEBBCG). Supporters of Bam Bam Cowlinch and his blogger father Andrew Cowlinch couldn’t be found. “The Cowlinches are personnas not grata in my neck of the woods, if you know what I mean!” said Farok Bagolli, frequent target of satire in Cowlinch’s blog on account of his body odor and sexual proclivities.

The winner of the 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year Award will be announced at a gala to be held on January 1 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of Gambay’s Pub.

2012 wuxi expat nominees

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