Phyllis Diller says Pub Owner Wally Droop should be the 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year


(This is the second of a series profiling the six nominees for the 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year Award)

Phyllis Diller says her good friend Wally Droop, owner of the Chestnut, Walnut, and Pink Kitty Pubs should be the 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year.

“I love Wally! He reminds me of my husband Fang and I like the way he dresses. A couple of years ago, Fang & I were in deep in the financial soup when Droop bought my entire wardrobe. I thought he was doing it out of charity, but he insisted that he was going to wear the clothes himself!” said Diller.

“It is one of the numerous examples of charitable acts Wally performs that no one believes he is capable of because of his gruff manners!” insisted Diller.

Wally Droop came to the Wuxi China Expatdom in 2003. “After a failed career as a skipper and later a showgirl in the Ziegfeld follies, I discovered that Expat Pub-owing was my vocation and calling in life!” said Droop who denied rumors that he was rankled because he hadn’t earned a nomination for the 2012 Wuxi Expat Best Legs Award.

“Droop reminds of the great Guy Lafleur who played in the National Hockey League in the 1970s!” said Diller. “To see him fly down the ice, or down the street in Wally’s case, was a sublime sight! Yes! Wally Droop is the Guy Lafleur of the Wuxi China Expatdom!” said Diller.

The 2012 Wuxi Expat of the Year will be announced on January 1 at a special gala to be held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of Gambay’s Pub in the 1912 Bar District of Wuxi, China.




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