2012 Wuxi Expat Best Legs Nominee Wonder Woman Juggles Her Time between Parenting and the Wuxi Expat Justice League

Wonder Woman, wife of Wuxi China Expatdom Prime Minister Mango, credits her active life-style for earning her a nomination for the 2012 Wuxi Expat Best Legs Award.

The first lady of the WCE spent most of 2012 carrying her spouse Mango’s baby. “I am happy to say that in October we had two lovely daughters: Margaret and Sarah, whom we named after our two favorite woman politicians of all time: Margaret Thatcher and Sarah Palin! It was too bad we didn’t have three to pair off with the Royal Triplets! Ha ha!” said Wonder Woman at a Press Conference held at the Denise Gorman Pavilion of the Pink Kitty Pub in Wuxi’s Nanchang Jie Bar Street.

Wonder Woman used the press conference to promote the work she was doing with the Wuxi Expat Justice League – a group of Wuxi Expat and Foreign Super Heroes who do charitable work similar to that done by Mother’s Teresa’s Sisters of Charity. Said Wonder Woman: “ Together with Green Algae Man, Barefoot Peasant Doctor, the Wuxi Sexpat Flasher, Panda Man, Panda Girl, Panda Boy, Ontario Body Odour Boy, Red Typhoon, Brick Man, Harry Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Jesuit Jet Stream, Andis Kaulins, Inspector Harry Callahan, Mort Sahl, Acid, Captain Marvelous, PSY, the Iron Bladder, Alcohol Man, Captain Baijoe, Stinky Tofu Man, and dozens of others who make up the Wuxi China Expatdom Justice League, I have been engaged in wonderful work – God’s work — whether it is visiting children in hospitals, aiding bar girls abandoned by their foreign boyfriends, and providing succor to those poor expats found dying in the gutters near a Wuxi Expat Pub.”

Asked if she did anything specific to keep her legs looking so good. “Other than the twenty minutes I spend at a weekly leg-waxing session with Her Majesty Queen Ayira: the Chose One – not much!” said Wonder Woman.


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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