Wuxi Expat Pub, Run by Ontario Canadians, to Host Temperance League Meeting

The Wuxi China Expatdom Royal Temperance League (WCERTL) will hold a meeting at Mahovolich’s Canadian Pub in the Meicun District of Wuxi, China this Monday evening.

WCERTL President Carry Amelia Moore Nation the Second, no relation whatsoever to the famous Wuxi Expat Archduke, said the meeting at the pub would be a most wonderful opportunity to promote the temperate life style in the WCE "Let’s face it!" said Moore Nation, "Far too many Wuxi Expats have nothing in their lives but the devil drink in their lives. Too many Wuxi English teachers, as well, do nothing in their off-hours but drink thereby abstaining from responsible living!"

Moore Nation is said to be a zealous temperance activist, carrying an axe with her at all times to destroy any bottles of liquor she comes upon.

Mahovolich’s manager Duston Short, speaking from the 101 People’s Liberation Army Hospital where he is recovering from a mishap with a gimlet, told the WCE blog that he didn’t know what the temperance movement was all about, but that he welcomed the chance to have 150 people in his pub. "It is so nice to have some business. Till now, we have had four customers a night! I look forward to the kitchen and bar staff having something to do! So come everyone and join the party! And don’t forget buy one Snow beer and you will get the second one for free!"

Short, who along with his pub partners from Ontario, Canada, owns and manages the pub, sometimes teaches English.


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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