Scrambled Eggs at Wuxi Expat Pub to Be Made With Eggs Laid by Raiffeisen Free Range Chickens

A contractual agreement between Albania’s Raiffeisen Free Range Chickens and Kosovo’s Breakfast Now Wow – producer of breakfast meals for Gambay’s Pub in the Shanghai China Expatdom, will now have the breakfast in the Wuxi Gambay’s Pub and the Pink Kitty Pub prepared with eggs laid by Raiffeisen Free Range Chickens.

The announcement of the contractual agreement was made at a press conference held at Harry Moore Memorial Square #3. The 70,000 seat Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in the 1912 Bar District, the normal site of Wuxi China Expatdom press conferences, was too small to accommodate all the media members interested in hearing about the agreement.

Frank Minklemen, co-owner of the Gambay’s Pub told ten million members of the media that he looked forward to, what should prove to be, a long-term lucrative relationship with the Raiffeisen Free Range Chickens company. "When I was Tirana, I went to a McDonald’s and was really impressed with the quality of the eggs in the Big Breakfast. When I later had a broiled shark steak egg breakfast burger at the Nanjing Road Gambay’s in Shanghai, I had a similar sensational feeling about the eggs. I decided to conduct an investigation and discovered in both cases that Raiffeisen was the provider of the eggs!"

Dressed in a provocative pair of almost-knee high stockings that displayed his thighs to perfection as well as a tight sleeveless orange t-shirt with fake foo-foo flowers on the shoulders, Pink Kitty owner Wally Droop said that whatever Minklemen said he agreed with and that he used eggs laid by Razzle Dazzle Rinky Dinky Roaming Range Chickens anytime he was in the mood for scrambled eggs

Faruk Raiffeisen, when asked if he took offence to Droop’s mispronunciation of his product’s name, said that Droop was Australian or possibly from Ontario, Canada, and so allowances had to be made.

Slovo Hardinaj , of Kosovo’s Breakfast Now Breakfast Wow, told the assembled crowd that he loved dealing with the Wuxi Expats. "It is much better than dealing with the neighbors we got!" said the Kosovan Businessman. Hardinaj also trumpeted his relationship with Wuxi China Expatdom Archduke Harry Moore. "My good and esteemed friend Harry agreed, for a pittance, to provide the commentary track for the Kosovan DVD edition of Lawrence of Arabia. Not knowing any Albanian before doing the project, Harry gained fluency in the language in a week, and thus did the commentary using the most elegant and idiomatic Albanian imaginable! Listening to the commentary track, many Kosovans had thought that the legendary Kosovan Poet Gjon Buzuku had come back from the dead!


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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