Wuxi China Expat Pub Owner Suspects that He is Being Depicted in a Satirical Wuxi Expat Blog

Wally Droop, owner of the Chestnut, the Walnut, and Pink Kitty Pubs suspects that he is the object of satire in the satirical Wuxi Expat Blog: The Wussie Expatdom written by an Expat known to as Wussie Andrew.

Droop told the Wuxi China Expatdom Blog about the basis of his suspicions: "In the Wussie China Expatdom blog there is a pub owner character named Walter Limp who owns the Lemon Pub, the Apple Pub, the Cherry Pub, and the Black & White Panda Club. This Limp character looks good in shorts, likes to wear panties and a bra, likes to roam naked in meadows, press wild flowers, wears a skipper’s hat, has a bad temper, has a drinking problem, has a fondness for grabbing the genitals of his male patrons, and is very frank and crude in his manner of speaking! If you ask me, this Limp character sounds a lot like me in an exaggerated manner! And I now hear my patrons murmuring "Limp" under their breaths or referring to me as "Limp" whenever I listen to the audio surveillance tapes of their conversations made in my pub!"

Wussie Andrew, when confronted by reporters of the Wuxi China Expatdom Blog about Droop’s charges, ran away and had his gang of bodyguards beat the reporters to a bloody pulp. The thugs said they beat up the reporters "in order to get into their thick skulls that any resemblance between the Wussie Expatdom and the real Wuxi Expatdom was strictly unintentional and coincidental!"


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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