Wuxi Expats Ready to Explore the Surface of Mars

After spending ten days at the Olympus Mons Hilton, the six Wuxi Expats, who came to Mars on Zhanshen 6 Mission to Mars, say they are ready to explore the surface of Mars.

"I feel like a billion dollars!" said the Zhanshen 6 command module pilot, Wuxi China Expatdom Royal Navy Commander Lloyd Bridges . "The rocket in which we came certainly was cramped!"

"I’m ready to arrest some Martian Punks!" said the driver of the Martian Cruiser, Wuxi China Expatdom Royal Mounted Police Squad Commander Chief Inspector Harry Callahan . "My buddies Smith and Wesson got a big kick of Olympus Mons!"

"I wish we could have started exploring the surface right away! I mean like… Come on! Did Chris Columbus stay at a Hilton in 1492! I should say not!" said an obviously impatient Wuxi China Expatdom Royal Air Force Commander Gregory Peck who was in a hurry to catch the hotel shuttle that would return him to the Zhanshen 6 Martian Orbiter for which he was the pilot

"Darling Harry and I are ready for almost anything!" said the Archduchess Mrs. Miss Moneypenny who spoke for herself and the Zhanshen Six Commander and best-selling author, Wuxi China Expatdom Minister of Colonies and the President of the Wuxi China Expatdom Film Appreciation Society, Archduke Sir Harry Moore who was still
fixing his tousled locks of jet-black hair in the bathroom of the Olympus Mons Hilton’s special Penthouse Bridal Suite.

Gambay’s Pub Co-Owner and Zhanshen 6 Chief Engineer Fred Minkleman told the WCE blog that he was impressed with the Olympus Mons lounge. "They had some drinks that are out of this world! I will be sure to serve back at Gambay’s which is on the piece of rock called the Earth Expatdom!" said Minkleman who quickly rushed to the hotel’s souvenir shop to find a t-shirt or a green cheese hat for his brother Gambay’s co-owner Frank. "It is the least I could do for my bro! I know he is back at Gambay’s work doubly hard to maintain the standard of service that has made it the Wuxi China Expatdom’s most popular Expat pub ten years running!" said Engineer Minkleman.

The Zhanshen 6 Mission’s first task on the Martian surface will be to search for life. "We don’t see much life on the surface so far. Callahan tells me there is some night life. But we figure the place to look is underground. So we will explore the surface for caves and hidden trap doors!" said Zhanshen 6 commander Harry Moore who looked like a trillion dollars dressed in an impeccably tailored suit, as worn by Fred Astaire in the film Top Hat, and bearing his expertly manicured nails which even made his wife Mrs Miss Moneypenny jealous.


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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