Zhanshen 6 Commander Archduke Harry Moore And Crew: “All Systems Go For Mars Mission”


Crew-members of the Wuxi China Expatdom’s bold Zanshen 6 Mars Mission,
have reported that they and the Command Module are on-track for their arrival on the planet Mars in September. The six Expatdom-men, – trail blazers all, have signalled the Expatdom’s CAPCOM, via downlink, that everything is going swell.

Mission Commander Archduke Harry Moore took with him every mission-to-Mars DVD movie ever filmed, aboard the space-rocket. "I’m reviewing these films to glean details that we’ll need for the touch-down", he radioed. "These movies contain a wealth of authentic information. They feature data that is factual and 100% accurate, and I am relying-heavily upon them", he continued.

Archduke Harry Moore says that the most authoritative movies included in the 25, 987 he stowed aboard are: Mars Monster X Strikes Back; Abbott And Costello Go To Mars; Robinson Caruso On Mars (a musical); Santa Claus Konkers The Martians; The Troll-Beast From Mars, and
The Day The Earth Looked Stupid.
Commanders Gregory Peck, and Loyd Bridges, are prepping their fellow crewmates with
the correct terminology essential for space-missions. This phraseology includes
axis-alignment; partially-polarized exponential pulses; amplititude-modulation; interferometry;
wave-band 23 gigahurts, and of course the crucial AOS (acquisition-of-signal, in lay-Expat vernacular).

Squad Commander Detective Chief Inspector Harry Callahan has been testing his arsenal of the weaponry, – laser blasters and photon torpedoes, that he needs to neutralise the felonious, hostile punk-creatures that inhabit the red planet. Commander DCI Callahan said that he also intends to blast the Face On Mars to smithereens while he’s at it.

The most-recent message received at the Expatdom’s Mission Control Facility, (in the Hong-shi Road Complex), were that status-checks are optomised, and that the capsule’s 3-dimensional global-communications "are go".

Posted By Pierce Double Happiness Bond to Wuxi, China Expatdom at 8/13/2012 07:21:00 AM


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