Wuxi Expat Says He Feels Just-A-So-So After Being Hit in Head by A Piece of Metal Siding

Wuxi Expat Duston Short told the Wuxi China Expatdom Blog that he is feeling just-a-so-so after he was hit in the head by a piece of metal blown off a building during the typhoon that struck Wuxi on Wednesday.

Short, the former Midget Sumo Wrestling Champion of the Wuxi China Expatdom, said he didn’t know why an area of Zhongshan Road had been roped off during the typhoon. "I went under the rope and continued on my way when a big piece of metal fell of a building and hit me in right in the noggin! Boy did it hurt! But was more painful was the consternation I got from the people who had roped off the area of street. You would think that they would have showed more sympathy to me for my mishap than they did!"

Short was eventually rushed to the nearby #2 People’s Hospital. The doctors there were shocked that despite sustaining massive brain damage, Short didn’t seem to have lost any of his mental facilties. When it was explained to the doctors that Short was from Ontario, Canada, the mystery was solved. "It is a universal fact that people from Ontario, Canada don’t use their brains much!" said Short’s Chinese handler who had been summoned from the Fleet Street English School where Short currently is employed.

Short, who beside being an English Teacher in Wuxi has tried many unsuccessful Western party businesses, is expected to be in hospital for a week. "I promised the guy at Fleet Street that I will make it in to teach eventually!" said Short who has yet to actually teach a class since he was hired by Fleet Street one month ago because he said he has had a rash on his leg.


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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