Wuxi China Expatdom DCI Harry Callahan Performing Cover Version Of Old Chortling Song


Detective Chief Inspector Harry Callahan, backed by the WCE Trio, has been attracting millions of Expats to the WCE’s Country & Western Saloon Bar precinct with his revival of "The Laughing Policeman" song.

DCI Callahan says that though he vowed never to sing again after the terrible experiences of the
Ayatollah Of Mordor manhunt in Canada last year, he feels that he must act as an exemplar to Expat chortlers, guffawers, chucklers, cacklers and other Expats who laugh so much.

"It’s an old Limey tune", he said, "from the music-hall era. Yeah, well, that’s OK. Gets ’em in here
every night. The good, the bad, and the ugly. All of ’em join-in once I begin strummin’ m’ gee-tar.
Kinda makes everyone friendly. Warm fuzzy glow thing".
"Besides", he added, " a whole lot better than me playing Misty, been doing that too long".

Patrons are issued with the "The Laughing Policeman" lyric-sheets, and Expats say that once they get to the second verse, "it brings the house down!".

"I know a fat old policeman
He’s always on our street.
A fat and jolly red-faced man.
He really is a treat.

"He’s too kind for a policeman
He’s never known to frown.
And everybody says
He is the happiest man in town!!

He laughs upon point duty
He laughs upon his beat.
He laughs at everybody
When he’s walking in the street.

"He never can stop laughing
He says he’s never tried.
But once he did arrest a man
And laughed until he cried!
Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho.
Ha ha ho ho ho ho Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

ha ha ha ha Ho ho ho

"His jolly face is wrinkled
And then he shut his eyes.
He opened his great big mouth
It was a wonderous size!
Oh ho ho ho ho ho ho ho. Hee-hee haw-haw-haw
Ho ho ho ho hee-hee ha ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha. ho ho ho. Ha ha-ha-hee-he-hee-haw-haww-haww-ho-ho-har-har-ooo-woop!

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