Wuxi Expat Archduke tricks U.S. President Barack Obama into Visiting Home of the Hapless George Clooney

The WCE News Blog has revealed that U.S. President Barack Obama was tricked into visiting the hapless actor George Clooney’s house by Wuxi China Expatdom Archduke Harry Moore.

The Archduke, in an exclusive interview with the Blog, said that the U.S. President had been badgering and begging him for a photo op. "I completely respect the office of the U.S. President, but Barry was abusing the office and seeking to use me for political ends. When he heard I was in Hollywood interviewing and testing out starlets for the next James Bond the Gladiator movie, Barry said he hoped we could get together. He said I could be a big help in his re-election bid. A photo with me, he told me, could sew him up the vote among people who have higher then the median I.Q.’s, many of whose support he has lost in the past three years!" said his Archdukiness.

President Obama’s suggestion put the Archduke in a bit of a quandry which required every bit of his clever mind to solve. Said the Archduke: "I hate Socialism and Marxism and Fascism with every fiber of my being and I would never do anything to advance these stupid causes. But far be it for me to openly interfere in the politics of another country while at the same time being seen to disrespect the office of their leader, so I devised a strategum. I told Barry I would be at the address of George Clooney’s house at so-and-so time. I then told George I was coming and so was the President. George, of course, put out all the stops to greet the President. Barry, of course, put out all the stops to make sure he was at the address of Clooney’s house. I later then "realized" that I had a wedding, a same-sex wedding ceremony, to attend. I then told my assistant, to send an apology to George and Barry, just at the time I was scheduled to meet them. I knew that explaining the circumstances that George and Barry wouldn’t be able to complain!"

The Archduke told the WCE News Blog that George Clooney had been a protege of his. "I was the one who gave him his first break and got him that role in E.R. And he achieved fame of a sort. But ultimately he was a disappointment to me because of his terrible treatment of women and his moonbat political stances. I still talk to him because I do have a small hope of his somehow redeeming himself and I respect the way he takes care of his hair!"

Sources close to the U.S. President, said he was all he could do to not lose his composure or appear sad, at the sight of George Clooney and the absence of Archduke Harry Moore. "But The President feels like a lover spurned, and there is a good chance, that like a lover scorned, he is going to be lobbing Drone Missiles at the Archduke in revenge!" said a close confidante of the President.


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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