Wuxi Expat from Ontario Canada likes to roll in piles of dirt

Because of all the construction going on in Wuxi, there are meter high piles of dirt all over the city. While most see the piles as an eyesore, one Wuxi Expat Duston Short sees the piles of dirt as a way of expressing his creativity and practicing his free-thinking, and so he can be seen spending all his free time rolling and burying himself in them.

Duston Short told the WCE Blog that dirt pile rolling was not something he would have imagined doing even a year ago. "I more of the type that likes to dunk his head in the toilet of a pub or bar, it being the national sport of Ontario, Canada, but Wally Droop the owner of the Chestnut and Walnut Pub, being a fascist and all, banned me and my toilet-dunking Ontario Expat friends from the pub. For a while, we tried to dunk our heads in the public toilets of Wuxi, but our heads kept getting stuck in the little holes of the squat toilets. We were at a lost as to what to do until I went to Room 101 Pub and had the bar owner there throw me into a nearby pile of dirt and mortar of a nearby construction site. Wallowing in the dirt, I found I was happy and content like a pig in a sty! I had found myself a new hobby and that I could save lots of money by not having to pay for over-priced drinks and the privilege of dunking my head in the pub toilet!"

Duston Short, the Wuxi China Expatdom midget Sumo Wrestling Champion, packs 200 pounds on his five foot six inch frame, took the WCE Blog interviewer to his favorite pile of dirt off Xincheng Road north of the Wuxi Train Station. There, he drew crowds of amused locals for whom he put on a show by rubbing his body into the dirt and banging old bits of brick and mortar against his head.

"Dirt Pile Rolling," said Short, "is my way of saying HEY! I AM CANADIAN! I AM NOT AN AMERICAN! TAKE NOTICE OF ME! PLEASE!"


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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