Sales of Wuxi China Expatdom Civil War 2012 merchandise brisk

Sales of official merchandise of Wuxi China Expatdom Civil War 2012, which is currently in its second phase, have been very brisk said Commander Karl Malden of the Wuxi China International Expeditionary Force, the exclusive supplier of Wuxi China Expatdom Civil War 2012 merchandise, in an interview with the WCE Blog.

"We were able to sell our stock from the first phase of the WCE Civil War off, all be it, at reduced prices — we didn’t make much money as we hoped, but we didn’t lose any!" said Malden. "We have streamlined our production process so that we don’t again get caught with our pants down in case there is a unexpected change of alliances as there was in Phase One! Right now, sales of Phase Two Civil War are brisk! What is especially popular currently is the diorama of the Phase Two siege area complete with realistic, but to scale, representations of the two armies involved."

In the Civil War itself, there is currently a siege taking place at Three Kingdoms Park, which has been made to resemble Stalingrad 1943. The WCEDVDAS forces, which in phase one had been fighting each other, are now in alliance and have completely encircled the forces of the WCEWCEDVDCWARS. Rumours are circulating that pressure is being put on the WCEWCEDVDCWARS by the WCEIEF to try a break-out maneuver. WCEIEF Commander Karl Malden had promised to split revenue fifty-fifty of Breakout 2012 T-Shirt sales with the WCEWCEDVDCWARS .

The Wuxi China Expatdom Dick Van Dyke Appreciation Society and the Wuxi China Expatdom DVD Appreciation Society, who were enemies in Phase One of the WCE Civil War 2012, became allies when the Wuxi China Expatdom WCE Civil War Appreciation and Reenactment Society (WCEWCEDVDCWARS) was taking vital supplies from the two WCEDVDAS armies to stage reenactments of WCEDVDAS battles. The WCEDVDAS alliance marked the beginning of Wuxi China Expatdom Civil War 2012 Phase Two.


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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