Wuxi China Expat Seniors join in on McDonald’s Breakfast Hot Dog Craze

Wuxi China Expatdom Seniors, normally a curmudgeonly and reactionary bunch, are also jubilant about the Hot Dogs, served with a small coffee for 10 rmb, now on the breakfast menu at McDonald’s all across Wuxi.

Not being very spry, the older Wuxi Expats have found a way to show their jubilation about the new addition to the McDonald’s menu. Instead of performing a Prisyadka Dance or doing cartwheels like the younger Hip-hopping Wuxi Expats, Wuxi Expat Seniors are congregating in Xihui Park and forming long conga lines.

The leader of the conga line, Larry Drysdale, a 750 year old Wuxi Expat, told the WCE Blog that he hadn’t had a hot dog in over 300 years. “Tears came to my eyes as I ate a McDonald’s hot dog and I was recalled my formative years in the hills of Kentucky where my old mammie fed me and my ten siblings hot dogs after we walked ten miles home from school everyday!” said Drysdale who runs a velcro factory in the Wuxi New District.

Andis Kaulins, a 85 year old English teacher, told the WCE Blog that the last time he had a hot dog was on the streets of Winnipeg in 1950s after having done the pogo at a Guy Lombardi concert at the Fort Garry Hotel. “Hot Dogs taste better than my recollecting!” said Kaulins, who then foolishly tried to do a cartwheel and broke his hip.

Wally Droop, the 99 year old owner of the Chestnut Pub told the WCE Blog that the last time he had a good hot dog was in Adelaide after attending a Yahoo Serious performance in 1937. “Those were days!” recalled Droop. “Men were men. Sheilas were Sheilas. Dingos were Dingos. And now that I think of it, we might have called a Hot Dog a Hot Dingo. And of course we put Vegemite on it. The hole I had in my sock wasn’t so bad. And I was voted most likely to become a pub-owner by the teachers at my reform school. I think the girls voted me the best looking boy in all of the state. Yes! Those were the days. I had a hole in my shoe but you never heard me complain. We thought it unmanly unlike the kids of today who complain if they can’t get Internet on their crappypacino machines. And the music the kids listen to today! Simply atrocious! In my day, we listened to Frank Sinatra, Slim Dusty, and John Williamson! And that was what I would call music! And we worked 3o hours a day and we didn’t complain because we knew it was good for us and …….”


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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