Wuxi China Expats volunteering in the Pudong district of the Shanghai China Expatdom Colony

Wuxi China Expats are volunteering in the Pudong District of the Shanghai China Expatdom Colony, helping Expats there to look after themselves.

Teresa Cleaver, president of the Wuxi China Expatdom Expats of Charity, told the WCE blogspot that she and many WCEEC volunteers were helping the Pudong Shanghai Expats by teaching them how to use the toilet, shower, put on their clothes properly, use public transportation, and to eat using knifes, spoons, forks and chopsticks. "The backwardness of Shanghai Expats was astounding to me. A real shock. I have a feeling that many of them got off the plane at Pudong and decided to live there. So many of them were also illiterate and couldn’t speak even one language so they must have been incapable of using any form of transportation!"

Asked if there was any truth to rumors that many Expats in Pudong may be escaped helper monkeys and gorillas from the Wuxi China Expatdom, Cleaver said that in fact only some of the Pudong Expats were WCE primate escapees, but that most turned out to be human once they, including the women, had been given baths and shaves.

Cleaver finished her WCE Blog interview saying that while it wasn’t as glamorous as helping the poor of Calcutta, there was still a great amount of satisfaction that could be gained by helping the pathetic Expats of the world. "You got to lend a helping hand when you can!" exclaimed Cleaver.


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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