Wuxi Expats from Ontario, Canada forced to cancel Saturday Afternoon Street Hockey Game

Wuxi Expats from Ontario, Canada have been forced to cancel their Saturday Afternoon Street Hockey game. The game between Ontario English Teachers and Ontario Engineers was started but cancelled after thirty minutes because the traffic on Zhongshan Road was too heavy.

Duston Short, the game’s organizer, told the WCE Blog that though he and many of the Expats had lived in Wuxi for years, they hadn’t realized how hard it would be to have a street hockey on Zhongshan Road on a Saturday Afternoon. "There were so many pedestrians, cyclists, buses, and taxis on the road and we kept running into them. We stood around for twenty minutes at one point waiting for the traffic to go away. I think we even lost one of our goalies because he was run over by the #81 bus. Still, we would have kept on playing but we only brought two tennis balls with us, and both of them got runned over and crushed by taxis!"

Short said that he and members of the Ontario Wuxi International Expat group (the OWIE group) would hold a general meeting to determine if maybe they should play their games at the New Sports Centre on Taihu Dadao. "Chestnut Pub owner Wally Droop, and many others, had told us that we should have done that in the first place but we didn’t listen to them!" said Short.


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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