Wuxi China Expat to marry Public Washroom near the Nanchang Jie Bar Street

Wuxi Expat Zbeigniew Ostrowski, a Canadian Engineer from the province of Ontario, wants to marry a Public Washroom that is located in an old Wuxi neighborhood near Nanchang Jie Bar Street.

Ostrowski told the WCE Blog that one day he was walking down Nanchang Jie and "had to go." He located his eventual bride after asking a few Security guards and street-side hawkers for directions to a W.C. before finally having locals take him to "her."

"I wasn’t smitten with "her" at first!’ said Ostrowski, "She was old, stinky and nausea-inducing, but I had to go and I did my business in her! A week later, I found the knowledge of her location useful as I found myself wandering Nanchang Jie Street at five in the morning after having had drunk too much and being abandoned by a local girl who I had thought was to accompany me home! That second time, feeling lonely and not wanting to wet my pants, I went to "her." I admired the relief she gave me and the fact that she hadn’t abandoned me — I felt an emotional bond then and there. I also started to take in "her" exoticism. Heck! I found myself liking "her" odour. And it carried on from there! One thing leading to another, as it were. Even when I was in a bar with a urinal, I found myself eschewing the short trip for the out-of-the-way trip to "her!"

Ostrowski told the WCE Blog that he had filed an application for a wedding license with the Wuxi China Expatdom Marriage Bureau.

Gabriel Conroy, spokesman for the WCE Marriage Bureau, says he may not be able to grant a wedding license to Ostrowski. "The Public Urinal belongs to the locals, and we would be infringing on their sovereignty if we permitted Ostrowski to marry it." said Conroy in yet another exclusive interview with the WCE Blog.

Ostrowski is the twentieth-second Wuxi Expat to have announced a desire to marry a Wuxi, China Public Washroom. Earlier this year, twenty one members of the Occupy Movement applied, but didn’t receive permission to marry the urinals at the Chestnut Pub.

Drinking Associates of Ostrowski say he has threatened suicide if he cannot marry the Public Washroom.

The Wuxi China Expatdom is the only jurisdiction in the world to permit Human — Inanimate Object marriage.

Posted By Andis Kaulins to Wuxi, China Expatdom at 3/04/2012 08:16:00 PM


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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