Wuxi China Expatdom Archduke’s plane successfully lands at the Sarajevo Airport

For the second time, but in a different part of the world, airport authorities were forced to bring out the fire hoses and clear an overenthusiastic crowd off the tarmac in order to give landing space to a plane carrying Harry Moore, who among his many titles, is the Wuxi China Expatdom Minister of Colonies, the President of the Wuxi China Expatdom Film Appreciation Society, an Archduke and adopted member of the Wuxi China Expatdom Royal Family, a two-time inductee into the Wuxi Expat Hall of Fame, a Super Bowl Champion team and a World Cup Soccer Championship team.

The airport, this time, was the Sarajevo International Airport , known to the locals as Medjunarodni Aerodrom Sarajevo, where Archduke Moore was making an royal visit to officially confer Wuxi China Expatdom colonial status on the Expatdom of Sarajevo Bosnia & Herzegovina. An estimated 400 million SB&H locals and Expats came to the Airport to greet the Archduke. The crowd unfortunately took up every inch of space in the Airport and were sitting on the landing strip in hopes of being run over by the plane carrying Moore. Bob Butmir, manager of the Airport, told WCE Blogspot that the crowds thought Harry Moore had some kind of special power to land a plane on crowds without hurting them. "Telling them that Harry Moore wasn’t really a god, but just a better-than-average mortal man blessed with great oratorical and administrative skills, as well as a resplendent virility, didn’t change their minds! So fire hoses, it had to be!" said Butmir.

When Moore’s plane finally landed and the Archduke was able to get off the plane, millions in the crowd fainted at the resplendence of his black locks of hair, his newly-grown curled-up mustache, and his sunny, optimistic smile. Moore made a short address to the crowd where he said he was reminded of the scene in one of The Naked Gun movies where the Leslie Nielson character spoke into a microphone and did a parody of the Renoir’s film La Regle du Jeu. "You must all be hear to see Wierd Al Yankovic and not little old me!" insisted the Archduke to the throng which responded with hundreds of millions of voices: "Of course not! We want you! We want you!"

After finishing his speech, Moore and his host Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, boarded a Gräf & Stift open sports car, with its top folded down. The sports car was part of the a three car motorcade which was take the Archduke to various ceremonies and on a tour of Sarajevo.

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