Harry Moore Speaks: “Wuxi China Expatdom’s Eyes Look West”

President of the Wuxi China Expatdom Film Appreciation Society and
Minister for Colonies Harry Moore says that the WCE government is seeking to
expand it’s ever-growing colonial possessions. Interviewed on the Expatdom’s
prime-time television programme "In Wuxi Tonight" by the anchorman
Andis Kaulins (the English Teacher), Harry Moore outlined the bold new
expansionary plans.

"I’ve been commissioned", he said, "by Emperor Gorzo and the Parliament
to travel to various Expatdoms in Siberia. There I am to compile a report
on the feasibility of those regions being absorbed into our dominion".
"I know very little of those distant regions. My brief is to gauge the mood
of those disparate Expats – perhaps the WCE might create one Expat colony there".

Genial host Andis Kaulins asked Harry Moore if he had any anxieties
about travelling deep into a sometimes-harsh, and alien region. "There are
wolves there", Andis Kaulins said, "and numerous other dangers, such as
naked mensheviks, and, possibly Boris Yeltsin too?". Harry Moore replied that
many people have stereotypical perceptions of Siberia. "It’s not a place out of some movie, Andis. I will be going unarmed. Such things don’t worry me in the least, And besides, the Expatdom doesn’t practice gunboat diplomacy, so our intentions are entirely peaceful".

After a moment’s pause, Harry Moore said "now you mention them, well actually
I am scared of wolves!". "I’d hoped", he went on, "that you, Andis, and your namesake of the WCE Rifle Association might be able to accompany me, but, naturally I understand that you both have heavy commitments here, in the Expatdom".

Harry Moore told Andis Kaulins that he’d set-off on the first leg of the journey as soon as possible. "Yes", he explained, "I must get myself to Omsk or Tomsk quickly. The WCE government believes that, apart from millions of prospective Expat colonial citizens, there are believed to be substantial natural resources there. Emperor Gorzo told me that we must move fast because those Europeans are having some financial woes right now, and therefore we mustn’t shilly-shally about."

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