Wuxi China Expat wonders what is up with Canadians

Frank Owen, a Wuxi Expat from Shropshire, England, wonders what is up with Canadians. "To be fair, they are not as off-putting as people from Toronto, Belgium, Turkey, and Poland; but you still have to wonder. Canadians never seem to have any interesting to say, and they wonder why it is that no one seems to know so much about them. They seem disappointed that the rest of the world is as ignorant of them as their neighbors who are much cooler, the Americans."

Owen also had the following observations to make about Canadians in his interview with the Wuxi China Expatdom Blog:

"Trying to stay awake when I am with them, I have overheard talk of the NDP, Jack Layton, Stephen Harper, curling, ice hockey, Wayne Gretzky, Saskatchewan, Loonies, Two-Fours, Edmonton, Orillia, Fredericton, the CBC, and The Tragically Hip, and I have been lead to wonder if these people know how to speak the Queen’s English. And their accents are flat are North Dakota and Chinese women’s chests. I would hate to see these people try to dance or sing. If they are taking drugs, they must be taking sleep aids. The only buzz that comes from a Canadian comes when they haven’t showered for an evening!"

"The few Canadians, I have meet in Canada are amoral without the benefit of actively taking part in evil. If Hannibal Lector was a Canadian, he would kill people by hanging out at Care Homes and waiting for them to die."

"And they have this snarly habit, of all those who aren’t in power, of saying how those who have power are so stupid."

"I would also say that the Canadians I have meet drink as an excuse to engage in pointless activities."

"I asked a Canadian to name a really, really, cool pop band and the best he could was Rush!"

"The Canadians national sport sees lots of guys skating really fast like it is somehow going to put a needle through a pinhole at a hundred yards!"

"Some Canadians I know say they love the cold!"


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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