Wuxi China Expatdom’s Airline To Appoint Senior Trainer

Senior members of the Wuxi China Expatdom government’s travel and transit
committee have emerged from a three hour meeting to announce that Andis Kaulins, and Wonder Woman, will be offered senior administrative positions in the formation of the new airline.
The Expatdom’s airline will be the flag-carrier on international air routes. A spokesperson for the committee said that once fleet-acquisition is completed, the airline will require two top-level senior administrators to train new staff members.

Captain Andis Kaulins was the unanimous choice to fulfill the role as Senior Trainer, flight crew, whilst Wonder Woman would attend to cabin crew training.
Captain Kaulins, a distinguished veteran with over 530,000 hours under his belt on Flight Simulators, Train Simulators, Bus and Taxi Simulators, Submarine Simulators, TitanicSimulators, US Presidential Election Simulators, Brain Surgery Simulators, Astrophysicist Simulators, Bellydancing Simulators, Mount Everest Climbing Simulators, Gobi Desert Crossing by Camel Simulators, and Space Shuttle Simulators. Far from being a chairborne specialist, Captain Kaulins trained the Wright Brothers in motivational techniques.

The spokesperson said that the new airline role will need an experienced
personnel trainer of the highest calibre, and that Captain Andis Kaulins has unequalled qualifications as the Expatdom’s foremost English teacher.

Wonder Woman will be offered the role of training the all-female flight
stewardess candidates, (125,000 candidates have applied, who will be outfitted in bikinis on the long-haul international flights.

The Expatdom’s airline is yet to be named, however public submissions have included Pan Expatdomican, WCE Airways, Air Expatdom, and several others. Expats have been invited to contribute their own suggestions in this selection process.

The Committee members said that initial services would be nonstop
flights from the Expatdom to Brisbane, Australia’s grass landing strip, and to
Manitoba’s Brandon International Airport. Services would be later expanded to no less than 6,000 Expatdoms and cities across the globe.

Posted By Sir Dirt E. Harrie to Wuxi, China Expatdom at 11/05/2011 07:19:00 PM


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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