Three more Expatdoms apply to be colonies of the Wuxi China Expatdom

Friday, three more China Expatdoms applied to be Wuxi China Expatdom Colonies, making for a total of six that see King Gorzo the Mighty as being their only hope. Delegations of Expats from the Nanjing China Expatdom, the Beijing China Expatdom, and the Hefei China Expatdom visited WCE King Gorzo the Mighty to present their applications.

Some of the visiting Expats thought they had to kow-tow to his Majesty King Gorzo, and were finally dissuaded from doing so with fire-hoses. "Help us oh mighty Gorzo! Help us! You are our only hope!" they were heard to say.

Nanjing Expats have looked with envy at the tremendous economic growth in the Wuxi China Expatdom and say they want a piece of the WCE action. Already, they have promised Wuxi China Expatdom entrepreneurs that they will create special tax-free rent-free economic development zones in the Nanjing Expatdom.

Beijing Expats have experienced a deep sense of guilt at being local in a great capital that has been eclipsed by the Wuxi China Expatdom. "We can’t live a lie!" has been the motto of their colonial application committee.

Hefei Expats say that if they are going to be the WCE’s poor sister, they might as well make the fact official.

King Gorzo, reluctantly accepted their applications saying he had no desire to start an Empire. "You have convinced me that it is my duty to help you!" He said to the visiting Expats. "But eventually, I want, like George Washington, to do my duty for humankind and then return, in Washington’s case to his farm, in mine to my beloved Wuxi China Expatdom and my peach trees."

Observers say the biggest problem for King Gorzo, now, will be to find governors for the various colonies. Already, five of the six WCE colonies are begging for Wuxi China Expatdom Film Appreciation Society President Harry Moore to be their governor. Claus Von Clausewitz, professor of Wuxi China Expatdom studies at Heidelberg University, says it may well be that President Moore will be made Minister of the Colonies.

The three new colonies join the Shanghai China, Suzhou China, and Kun Shan Expatdoms that have already became colonies last week.


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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