Wuxi Red Guards outlast New Orleans Saints 42-34 in NFL Opener.

Disguised as the Green Bay Packers, the Wuxi Red Guards beat the New Orleans Saints 42-34 at Green Bay’s home field to open the 2011 NFL Season.

Wearing a special suit that makes him look exactly like Aaron Rodgers, Red Guard Rabbi Benjamin Blech threw three touchdown passes in a stirring performance that now has many putting Aaron Rodgers on a NFL Quarterback version of Mount Rushmore with the likes Drew Brees and Tom Brady.

After the game, Rabbi Blech told the Wuxi Sporting News that he was happy with his performance given the fact that he was stuck in a body suit. Said Blech: "My thighs and arms are much more muscular than Rodgers, so I was felt really constrained when making passes."

But stealing the show was Rabbi Yonason Goldson who, dressed in a Randall Cobb suit, had a spectacular NFL debut for the Red Guards. Goldson, the chief Rabbi at the Nanchang Synagogue, caught a touchdown from Rabbi Blech and ran a kickoff back 108 yards for a score in the third quarter — tying an NFL record for the longest kickoff return in history, set by New England’s Ellis Hobbs in September 2007.

"It was amazing," Rabbi Goldson said. "The feeling of being in Lambeau Field and just having all of the Red Guards around me coming off of the Super Duper Bowl and just trying to do anything I can to contribute, and I certainly tried to make the most of my opportunities."

Blech, Goldson, and the rest of the Red Guards would not say what NFL team they would disguise themselves as in week two of the NFL season. They offered no comment to rumours that they may disguise themselves as Australia or New Zealand in the 2011 Rugby World Cup.


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An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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