Longtime Wuxi Expat resents other Expats living in his apartment complex

Wuxi Expat Hans Beerbaum, who has lived in Wuxi’s Wu Ai Jia Yuan apartment for over ten years now, says he resents the fact that other Expats are living in his complex.
Said Beerbaum: "For the longest time, I was the only foreigner in the complex. I had the run of the place. I was the Laowai! I was on my island with a thousand natives. I was like Lawrence of Arabia without the need to go to war. Everywhere I went around the complex, the locals would smile at me! And then these interlopers, these carpetbaggers, these English-teaching scumbags came in. They would live at Wu Ai for a year and move on. The year of their presence was an eternity of purgatory for me. For while they were there, they were taking local’s attention away from me who more clearly deserved it. And then they would invite their other scumbagish, overweight friends sipping Starbucks and waddling like hippos,on account of having big butts. You could tell they spent their time in their home countries hanging out at the Shopping Mall or the Burger Shack. I could overhear them saying "Oh in Nanjing, you must check out the super restaurant serving Spaghetti-O’s they got and you notice how the locals how are so homogenous and how I miss my Macoroini and Spicey Cheese and is it a shame that you can’t find cottage cheese anywhere!" Arrggh!!! I felt I was back in my home country from which I had tried to escape."


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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