Duston Short and Harry Moore In Wild Brawl at Wuxi China Expatdom Film Festival

Last night’s premiere of the inaugural WCE Film Festival was marred
by an in-cinema fracas involving Harry Moore and Duston Short.

Held at the newly-completed Gruammans Lebanese Theatre, adjacent to Gambays, the film festival had been organised by Harry Moore to honour the great male stars of world cinema.

Harry Moore had obtained a collection of the movies starring Steve McQueen. Intended to be an annual event, the Film a la carte masculin is now under a cloud as to whether further screenings will be held.

The Steve McQueen Tribute Collection began with the screening of the now-legendary Bullit.

Some WCE Expats, who’d been in the audience at last night’s premiere,
said that the atmosphere turned ugly when the melee erupted mid-way through the Bullit movie.

Chief Inspector Harry Callahan, also in the audience, had to intervene to separate Moore and Short. CI Callahan said that "the movie had reached the famous San Francisco car-chase scene (the piece de resistance, in my opinion), when limbs began flying down in the front rows. I grabbed those two hot-heads, and dragged them outside the Theatre".

Both Duston Short and Harry Moore gave differing accounts of what had precipitated their altercation. Harry Moore said that he’d organised the Film Festival so "that WCE Expats would gain an appreciation of how real-men conduct themselves". "Duston Short was seated in the row in front of me, and kept interrupting the movie with his incessant chatter. I asked him, politely, to put a sock in his big flapping mouth, but he still kept raving-on about how terrible the movie was. I’d had about as much as I could take, so I poured my Coke over his head, and that’s when push turned to shove. I mean, what was I to do? Duston kept complaining that he didn’t like Steve. He said he wanted to see some Rocky Bal-Boa film instead!".

Duston Short said "McQueen-man boring myself bad. I say I want Rocky – Harry Moore agreed with me not. Me have opinion different. The Aussie-boy Harry begin
too much think, I think!".

CI Harry Callahan took the pair away for interrogation, and it is believed that both will face a disciplinary Tribunal hearing, chaired by Prime Minister Mango later today. Callahan made both protagonists shake hands, and kiss and make-up.

Posted By Sir Dirt E. Harrie to Wuxi, China Expatdom at 8/31/2011 05:26:00 AM


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