Ten Good Places to have Sex in the Wuxi China Expatdom

The typical Wuxi Expat likes to have sex in public with as many spectators watching as possible.

Here are the best places in the Wuxi Expatdom for them to do this:

  1. Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of Gambay’s Pub in the 1912 Bar District. With a seating capacity of 60,000 people and easy world-wide broadcast capability, this is the place to publicly consummate your love for your spouse in the WCE.
  2. Santiago Cafe main entrance. Located on one of Wuxi, China’s main thoroughfares, having sex here can guarantee that many see you get your rocks off.
  3. Wuxi Landlords Stadium, Malaysia Development Zone. With a seating capacity of 3,000,000, and good sight lines, this is the best place to have a live audience watch your every move.
  4. Harry Moore Memorial Square Platinum. Over a billion people can fill this square at one time. unfortunately, it has bad sight lines.
  5. Harry Mooer Memorial Square Gold. Better sight lines that HMMS Platinum but has a smaller capacity of only 750 million.
  6. Harry Moore Memorial Square Silver. Go here only i f the other squares are occupied.. Capacity for only 500 million people.
  7. Wuxi China Expatdom Football Grounds. The ingenuously constructed stadium here allows 250,000 spectators to be close to the action.
  8. Intersection of Zhongshan Road and Xueqian Roads. One of Wuxi’s busiest intersections is monitored by traffic police so there is no worry about being run over.
  9. The top of the 8888m golden statue of Harry Moore on the grounds of the Wuxi Expat Hall of Fame. The statue can be seen from anywhere in the Expatdom.
  10. The meat section of Carrefour Supermarket in the Baoli Shopping Mall. You can entertain the locals as they line up for chicken’s feet.

About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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