Tremendous reception for Wuxi China Expatdom Naval Task Force at Churchill, Manitoba.

A crowd, estimated to at two million, came out to greet the Wuxi China Expatdom Naval Force as it came ashore at the northern Manitoba city of Churchill. Shouting "We love Admiral Bridges!", and "Bring the Ayatollah of Mordor to Justice!"; wearing WCERN Fred Astaire and WCERN Ida Lupino baseball caps; singing "Anchors Away!", "In the Wuxi China Expatdom Royal Navy", and both the Canadian and Wuxi China Expatdomian anthems; bearing images of Gorzo the Mighty, Aiyra: the Chosen One, Admiral Lloyd Bridges, Inspector Harry Callahan, and an imprisoned Ayatollah of Mordor; the crowd was raucous and yet well-behaved.

WWII veterans said the crowd’s behavior reminded them of the way the Dutch, from newly liberated villages in 1945, greeted arriving Allied forces. The crowd at Churchill festooned the arriving WCERN sailors with flowers and garlands. Many local woman promised the thrills of their boudoirs to the sailors. In the excitement of the moment, the Mayor of Churchill offered all ten million members of the task force the keys to the city, as well as polar bear cubs to bring back to the WCE safari park in the 1912 Bar District. The Bishop of Churchill blessed all the WCERN Sailors, prayed for the success of Operation Chocolate Bad Egg Hunt, and sprinkled the WCERN Aircraft Carrier Fred Astaire with holy water.

WCERN Admiral Lloyd Bridges, commander of the Task Force, told reporters he was honored by the welcome, and surprised by the extent to which the Ayatollah of Mordor had darkened the lives of so many innocents. He then became grimly determined and focused. Said Bridges, "This evening, we will begin to dig a canal to Lake Winnipeg! I see that when our task has been completed, I will be able to declare that a finer thing I haven’t done than bring the Ayatollah of Mordor to justice!" To this, the crowd shouted "Heeree! Here-e! All agreed!" and began to sing "For he’s a jolly good fellow!"


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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