WCE New District “the cradle of all Expatdom life” says Anthropologist

Addressing a public meeting in Gambay’s Lecture Room, the distinguished Romanian anthropologist, Prof Laszlo Borbely, said that he and his team, from the University of Bucharest, have already uncovered "startling" new evidence. (In his prelude, Prof Borbely said that he wasn’t a native English-speaker, and apologised if some of his vocabulary wasn’t entirely accurate).

"We already have been at the dig-site for tree weeks", he said, "and we sure are right-here that all modern Expatdom hominoidisms
originated from here, in your WCE".

Prof Borbely said that he preferred to keep the actual New District location-site a secret for now. "But our excruciations, at the corner of Changijiang Lu and Taishan Lu, suggest that the today-accepted evolutionary-theorisings are about to be out the windows thrown!".

"We haven’t unearthed any fossilized remains yet, however numerous artifacts have been catalogualised".
Prof Borbely said that, for example, "we have seduced that early Expatdom Man was migratory". He said that "plaster-casts of their foots prints showed that they roamed vast-distances, most-likely at night, and our surveys show that these tracks lead-off in the directions of the 1912 Bar District. "We can only spectaculate that these homophones went-off foraging, for such things as food, drink, and, mates."

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