Wuxi China Expatdom to host first ever International Festival of Chicken’s Feet.

At a packed Gambay’s Pub conference room, Hans Zimmerman announced that the Wuxi China Expatdom will hold the first ever International Festival of Chicken’s Feet in September 2011. For Zimmerman, the announcement was a dream come true. For five years, Wuxi China’s most eccentric Expat has run a one-man crusade to start an international festival for Chicken’s Feet connoisseurs and casual fanciers.

Said Zimmerman, "The festival had to be international because I believe that world needs to be educated about the savoury goodness of Chicken’s Feet, which for far too long have been thought of as some sort of Chinese eccentricity! As well, I wanted this festival to be financed completely by the private sector. I didn’t want this festival to turn into the Olympic movement where unimaginative mayors decide they want to put their one-horse town or country on a map. That is why I wish to thank the folks at Gambay’s Pub, Hardy’s Har Har Comedy Club, Radio FUE, The Wussie Pub, The Gorzo University of the Humanities, and Lady Taxi for their sponsorship. I also wish to thank Gorzo the Mighty and PM Mango for turning me into a Libertarian and so making my crusade ultimately more satisfying. Gorzo says! I do!"

Wuxi China Expats, who were interviewed on the street, expressed excitement about the Festival coming to Wuxi. However, those who were interviewed in quiet private rooms, said they couldn’t get over their prejudices about Chicken’s Feet.

Wuxi China Expatdom’s official opposition leader Iggy Pop decried the lack of public funding for the event and urged the Expatdom government to pass a law ensuring festival attendees would all wear safety helmets, elbow pads, and bright yellow jackets so they wouldn’t get run over. "Private festivals like this are a threat to government power" said Poop, "And how are we going to build mono-rail trains without the guise of an international festival under which to spur the project forward?"


About wuxiandis

An English Teacher in Wuxi, China. Married to a local girl. Father of a boy born August 23, 2007.
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